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About Centennial Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Clinic

Centennial Chiropractic & Rehabilitation is your trusted partner in wellness and pain relief since 2004. We are a leading chiropractic clinic located in the heart of Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario. Our mission is to provide holistic and patient-centered care to help you achieve optimal health and well-being.

Meet Our Chiropractor: Dr. Michael Vilkas

With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Michael Vilkas is a seasoned and highly sought-after chiropractor who has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of our patients since 1996. Dr. Vilkas’s passion for chiropractic medicine and commitment to his patients are the cornerstones of our clinic’s success. Learn more about Dr Vilkas

Our Approach to Healing

At Centennial Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, we believe in a comprehensive and personalized approach to healing. We understand that each patient is unique, and their needs require tailored solutions. We are committed to providing you with the highest standard of care, using evidence-based chiropractic techniques to address a wide range of conditions, including back pain, neck pain, headaches, and more.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Experience and Expertise: With over two decades of experience, Dr. Michael Vilkas is a trusted name in the chiropractic field. His deep knowledge and dedication to ongoing education ensure you receive the best care possible.

  2. Patient-centred Care: We listen to your concerns and work with you to develop a treatment plan that suits your individual needs. Your well-being is our top priority.

  3. Innovative Techniques: Our treatments include research-based techniques and innovative technology to provide safe and effective results.

  4. Holistic Wellness: We believe in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. Our approach focuses on long-term wellness and preventive care.

  5. Convenient Location: Centrally located in Etobicoke, our clinic is easily accessible, ensuring your journey to better health is as smooth as possible.

Your Journey to Wellness Begins Here

Centennial Chiropractic & Rehabilitation is not just a clinic; it’s a place of healing, compassion, and hope. We are dedicated to helping you live your best life by addressing the root causes of your discomfort and empowering you to reach your health goals.

Contact Us Today

If you’re ready to take the first step toward a pain-free, healthier life, we invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment. Dr. Michael Vilkas and our caring team at Centennial Chiropractic & Rehabilitation are here to support you on your path to wellness.

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